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prosperity of our thriving community; if my judgment had
been heeded, If then------"

11 Shut yore mouth 'fore you fall in hit," a voice called from
the crowd.

"If then," Mr. Alton proceeded, "my request had been
granted, our sister communities, which likewise have suffered
from the torch of the accursed vandals-----n

Mr. Christian laid his hand on Mr. Munn's shoulder, and
leaned toward his ear. " By God/' he whispered, " I do believe
that snaggle-toothed bastard is talking about me."

"•—would have been spared the tragic blows that befell
them. But now we can see that peace has returned to us.
Now the loved ones of those two gallant lads who gave their
young lives to avenge the fair name of their city will feel that
the sacrifice will not have been offered up in vain. And the
man who is bringing us peace now stands beside me. He is
Major Pottle. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you Major
Pottle, who will say a few words."

"Old Tub-o'-guts!" a voice yelled from the back of the
crowd. " Let old Tub-o'-guts talk I>T

Mr. Alton waved his arms furiously and screamed: " Get
that man, get him! Arrest him!" The two policemen, who
had been lounging at the edge of the platform, tried to thrust
their way into the crowd, but it was impossible. '* Get him!"
Mr, Alton screamed, and waved his arms in the direction of
the troops. There the troops stood, motionless, erect, their
rifles grounded, the bright sunshine falling upon them. They
did not move.

The policemen were swallowed up in the crowd.

All the while Major Pottle gave no sign. He might have
been alone, staring owlishly at nothing, puffing his slow breath
out between his meaty lips. When die disturbance had sub-
sided, he said that he appreciated the hospitality of BardsviBe
and he wanted to thank the good people and he was sure he
and his men would enjoy their stay in such a fine little city.
He stopped speaking suddenly, almost in the middle of a
sentence, as though he had merely been thinking aloud ini